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BREAKING: Iranian warships sailing in the Atlantic

BREAKING: Iranian warships sailing in the Atlantic - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Iran confirmed on Thursday it has a warship and a support vessel sailing in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to U.S. media reports, the destroyer Sahand and the intelligence-gathering vessel Makran were heading to Venezuela, but this information is not yet confirmed.

The ships departed in May from Iran’s port of Bandar Abbas, said the Iranian deputy army chief, Admiral Sayyari. He described their mission as the Iranian navy’s longest and most challenging voyage yet, without providing more specific information.

Iranian state-run broadcaster released a short clip of the destroyer sailing in the Atlantic ocean. The video was possibly shot from the Makran, a converted oil tanker with a mobile launch platform for helicopters.

“The Navy is improving its seafaring capacity and proving its long-term durability in unfavourable seas and the Atlantic’s unfavourable weather conditions,” Sayyari said, adding that the warships would not make a stop at any country’s port during the mission.


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