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NOW: Jordan urges people to “Stay away from Israel”


Jordanian Interior Minister Mazen al-Faraya said the popular solidarity events held in support of the Palestinians were an example of expressing Jordan’s firm and firm position on the Palestinian issue, he said.

“These events expressed popular support for the official position led by His Majesty King Abdullah II to support the Palestinian cause and reject the illegal attacks, violations and practices practiced by the occupation authorities in Jerusalem,” he said.

During the events, the security services were keen to “protect citizens and ensure their security and safety, based on their duty,” he said, praising “the awareness of the vast majority of citizens participating in the events and their high cooperation with the security services.”

“Very few participants infringed on the private property of citizens, and these cases were dealt with with the utmost restraint,” he said, stressing the need to “be responsible by all and not to approach border positions for their own safety”.

On Friday, Jordanian media said that thousands of young Jordanians were heading to the border with Palestine in support of the Palestinian people.

According to jordan’s Al-Raya tv website, all provinces of the Kingdom witnessed demonstrations condemning Israeli shelling of Palestinians in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

“The demonstrators called on the authorities to open the border,” the Jordanian website concludes

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