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Photos of the burning Moskva and Russian excuses

Photos of the burning Moskva and Russian excuses

Shocking photos have come to light that largely refutes Russian excuses over the sinking of the cruiser Moskva.

Before it sank, the Russian cruiser Moskva was photographed by a ship that came close. It looked, at least at first, like it was completely abandoned.

A very important fact is that all the lifeboats on the Moskva are missing, which shows that the crew probably did not try to save the ship or that, from the beginning, it was considered completely damaged and therefore not approached by other ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The non-approach by other Russian warships may indicate that they were also in danger from the Ukrainian Neptune missiles, but from the photos that leaked, no one can say with certainty that the Ukrainians were responsible as we can’t see clearly if it was hit by a missile.

Photos of the burning Moskva and Russian excuses
The sinking Russian cruiser Moskva

There are of course black spots on the cruiser which could mean that the anti-ship missile broke through the ship and its ammunition was blown up.

Even if that is not the case, the sea seems completely calm and the ship is clearly flooded as it tilts to its left side, which does not confirm, in any case, the Russian excuse that it was a local storm that led to its final sinking.

The result is the same whether the ammunition was blown up by mistake or the ship and its crew were completely incapable of reacting to an anti-ship being fired against it.

The prestige of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has gone down a lot, and there are a lot of training issues for the Russian navy.

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