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RAMPAGE missile: The Battle-proven Israeli supersonic missile


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The Rampage missile, formerly known as “MARS,” is the airborne version of the EXTRA missile. It is a battle-proven supersonic missile that can equip most western and eastern fighter jets.

What makes this missile unique?

RAMPAGE missile: The Battle-proven Israeli supersonic missile

The missile uses GPS (jamming-resistant /ADA GPS-GNSS) guidance, an INS (combination of IMU and MEMS) and it doesn’t have a seeker.

Range of Rampage Missile

The Rampage missile has an estimated range of 100-150 kilometers with a “circular margin of error” (CEP) of about 10 meters.

What it “loses” in accuracy it compensates for with its speed.

In the final phase of the attack it can reach a speed of 550 meters/second or about Mach 1.6 with an angle of attack of up to 90 degrees.

This makes it extremely difficult for anti-aircraft systems to intercept, making the Rampage ideal for strikes against fixed targets ranging from infrastructure to radar and anti-aircraft systems.

How many Rampage missiles the F-16 can carry

Each F-16 can be armed with up to four Rampages, two on each wing.

Rampage: A Battle Proven Weapon

RAMPAGE missile: The Battle-proven Israeli supersonic missile - GEOPOLITIKI

The Rampage missile has been battle tested many times by the Israeli Air Force.
The first official use of the missile was in 2019 in Syria in response to the use of the S-300 PMU-2 by the Syrian army.

They targeted infrastructure of “Iranian interest organizations” inside Syria. Satellite photos show excellent results with total destruction of targets.

A Little Bit more Technical Approach (info from Elbit)

  • Weight: 580 kg
  • Length: 4.7 m
  • Diameter: 306 mm
  • Guidance: GPS/INS with anti-jamming capabilities
  • Versatile warhead: General Purpose (GP)/Blast Fragmentation/Penetration

Launching envelop

  • Altitude: 3 – 40 Kft
  • Velocity: 0.7 – 0.95
  • Mach Pitch: at launch 0 – 35°


  • Accuracy: 10m CEP
  • Impact velocity: 350 – 550m/sec
  • Angle of impact: Up to 90°

Typical Targets

  • Fixed and time-critical targets
  • Air force bases, control towers, squadron buildings
  • Munitions storage, bunkers
  • Air defense sites
  • Logistic centers
  • Communication infrastructures
  • Infrastructure facilities (e.g., power plants, ports, oil fields, etc.)

Aircraft Compatibility

  • Fits a variety of aircraft
  • Avionic interface – wireless stand-alone or fully integrated into aircraft avionics
  • Simple interface with aircraft
  • Enables carrying multiple missiles on each aircraft
  • Single-seat aircraft capability

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