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Russia tries to prevent the Ukrainian counterattack with a barrage of missile attacks


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Russia launched yesterday, a second wave of deadly airstrikes across Ukraine, killing two people in the town of Pavlohrad, officials said.

This attack follows last Friday’s barrage of fire that included more than 20 cruise missile launches and two kamikaze UAVs targeting Ukraine, which killed 21 people, including three children, when Russian missiles hit an apartment building.

Although Ukraine claims to have shot down 15 of the 18 Russian missiles, two Ukrainians were killed and 40 others injured in the latest attack. The strikes caused significant damage to military-industrial facilities in Pavlohrad.

In response to the attack, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Monday night that Russia’s actions would not go unanswered. He stated: “For every such attack, the Russian invaders will get our answer.”

Amid concerns about an expected Ukrainian counterattack, Russia’s defense minister urged the Russian Defense Industry to double its missile production.

Russia’s defense ministry said its forces used high-precision, long-range missiles from both the air and sea against Ukrainian military-industrial facilities.

However, a Russian official in the occupied Zaporizhzhia region, Vladimir Rogov, claimed that the strike hit ammunition and fuel depots in Pavlohrad and that the strike would delay Ukraine’s planned counter-offensive.

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