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Russian Air Force practice massive combat relocating


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With Information from the Russian Ministry of Defence.

A large-scale relocation from the airfields was exercised for more than 100 Russian Fighter jets, in order to resist the blow of a conditional enemy was worked out by the crews of the operational-tactical, assault and army aviation of the formations of the 4th Army of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Southern Russian Military District.

As it’s announced by the Russian defence ministry, the squadrons of Su-30SM, Su-27 fighters, Su-34 and Su-24M bombers, Su-25SM attack aircraft and Mi-35, Mi-8, Mi-28N and Ka-52 army aviation helicopters were relocated to operational airfields. In total, more than 100 aircraft were lifted into the air.

Russian Air Force practice massive combat relocating
Photo by Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (Евгений Половодов)

The standards were also worked out by the engineering and technical staff of the air force and air defence formations of the South Military District, preparing equipment for combat training missions with moving missiles and bombs to support the counter-attack after the relocation.

Almost 8,000 servicemen and 25 Russian military bases were used in this exercise which involved also movements of the Russian Special Forces to ensure that the fighter jets & helicopters can safely be relocated in case of combat with an enemy.


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