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Russian warplanes tore down Islamic State’s headquarters in Syria

Russian warplanes tore down Islamic State's headquarters in Syria - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Russian warplanes carried out operations against vehicles and the headquarters of the Islamic State terrorist organization in central Syria on Friday morning.

According to a Sputnik Arabic’s source, on Friday Russian reconnaissance planes monitored the headquarters of ISIS in central Syria, and vehicles of the organization moving between the axes of Jabal al-Bishri, south of Raqqa, and the Ithriya area of Hama.

“With the completion of the intelligence data, the intervention began by Russian warplanes with more than 30 airstrikes, which resulted in the destruction of 5 SUVs and 6 headquarters that the organization used to carry out its military operations.” the source reported.

The source also added that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) sent more military reinforcements towards the axes of the Badiya Al-Sham region as part of the operations it began a couple of months ago, with the support of the Russian Air Force.


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