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Syria: “The United States committed a crime against humanity in Baghuz”


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Syria’s permanent mission to the United Nations disagreed with a report issued by the United States, which said the US military was not responsible for a bombing three years ago in the city of Baghuz that killed civilians.

In response to the Pentagon report, the Syrian UN mission commented to the US magazine Newsweek that the United States should immediately withdraw its forces and pay for their actions.

Syria: "United States should immediately withdraw and pay for their actions"
U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jensen Guillory

Damascus considered the strike as one of many carried out as part of an “illegal campaign”, as the Syrian armed forces carried out operations against ISIS with the help of Russia and Iran.

“These biased investigations cannot deny the fact that a crime against humanity took place in Baghuz

Any excuse provided by the US government for not violating the law of war or the rules of engagement is to circumvent the fact that US forces deployed in Syria are illegal and launching military strikes under the pretext of fighting terrorism “without the approval or coordination of the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Syria’s permanent mission to the United Nations told Newsweek.

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