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Putin and Lukashenko in Russian nuclear readiness exercise

Putin and Lukashenko to attend Russian nuclear readiness exercise

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend a nuclear readiness exercise on Saturday. PHOTO: © Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (MIL.RU) The exercise will involve multiple launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles and cruise missiles and is an annual Russian exercise conducted with the main goal of sending "clear…

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Iskander missiles

Iskander missiles: Lukashenko wants to deploy more missiles amid tensions with West

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has said he wants to deploy Russian Iskander missiles in his country amid growing tensions over the migration crisis on the Belarus-Poland border. The EU accuses Lukashenko of orchestrating the crisis by channeling thousands of migrants from the Middle East to Belarus' border with the EU and encouraging them to enter…

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