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The ‘Cold War’ of the Arctic starts to take shape

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The 'Cold War' of the Arctic starts to take shape - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Over the past monthsthe U.S. military has disclosed its new Arctic strategy – an initiative that includes ways to “create, training, organize and equipment” of the armed forces for missions in an unknown, hostile “frozen” environment.

The strategy sets out plans for cooperation with US allies in the Arctic to safeguard national interests and maintain the regional stability of the USA.

“The Arctic is an opportunity to quickly use the speed, breadth, and convergence of cutting-edge technologies developed for multi-sector operations to enhance our deterrence capabilities in the region,” said Gen. James McConville, the U.S. military’s chief of staff.

He also explained that the U.S. military can learn from other allied countries that have more experience and better combat skills in cold weather.

“Here we can win a lot from our allies and partners. Canadians, Norwegians, and Swedes have very impressive skills and can fight and win in this region,” the US military chief of staff stressed.

The U.S. Army said this initiative will also contribute to the need to supply new equipment that can support soldiers deployed for operations in the Arctic.


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