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Cyberwarfare is a new threat to the modern battlefield


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Cyberwarfare and cyber security are two terms as valuable as their impact on achieving military objectives in the modern battlefield.

In recent years there has been an increase in tensions between countries known to have aggressive abilities in cyberspace and this trend will continue with nations constantly investing in cybersecurity as well as, the ability to launch an attack on critical adversary infrastructure without the use of weapons (cyberwarfare).

But what can the use of cyber warfare offer?

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Through this, rival nations try to gain political and economic advantages and attack their opponents’ basic infrastructure and technology, even their military infrastructure.

Here comes the part of cybersecurity which should intervene in a timely manner, to minimize the damage that is taken for granted as at the moment, all systems can be affected and nothing is considered completely protected in cyberspace.

But how can malicious hackers detect security vulnerabilities?

There are dozens of ways, the most important is to install malware to collect information through which cyber attackers will try to “map”, the enemy network to find its vulnerabilities.

In response to this new mix of real and digital pressure, states may reconsider their military and diplomatic policies and incorporate cyber warfare capabilities, into their contacts and relations with other nations.

Cyberwarfare photo (Licensed via Envato)

A real high-intensity Cyber warfare scenario could put power plants out of operation for months, ruining economic growth, by destroying economic infrastructure and losing steady communication between troops, resulting in chaos in their coordination.

All this can happen even if there has been no apparent conflict and there is no way to prove, that it was a hostile act by another nation, in short, there will be no immediate reaction.

What has the Cyber ​​War achieved…

Through this article we have tried to explain that the way wars have been fought has already changed radically and that uncertainty between nations and states will be further enhanced as cyber warfare has the potential to hide real adversaries and push state and military infrastructure into its limits or even in collapse.

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