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The first RAFALE to be handed over to Greece

The first RAFALE to be handed over to Greece - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Next week the first of the Greek RAFALEs is going to be handed over to the Hellenic Air Force. Specifically, on Wednesday, July 21st, the French company Dassault will hand over the first of 18 RAFALE aircraft purchased for the Greek Air Force at the Merignac base near the French city of Bordeaux.

By December 2021, at a rate of one aircraft per month, another 5 RAFALE aircraft previously used by the French air force will be delivered to Greece.

Nevertheless, the first RAFALE, like the next four, will not be transferred immediately after its handing to Greece, but will remain in France until December in order to complete the training of pilots and technicians. After receiving the last of the first six RAFALE will all fly to 332 Squadron in Tanagra.


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