The Greek lobby is a nightmare for Turkey – The Turkish media see it as a “scandal”

Turkish newspapers are in an uproar after the successful passage of the amendment blocking Turkey’s F-16 modernization program, and they now seem to understand the gravity of the situation for them.

The Turkish newspaper Sabah described the amendment that passed the House of Representatives of the United States of America and the resolution as scandalous which aims to hurt Turkey.

We remind you that the House of Representatives agreed to put restrictions on the sale of new F-16 fighter jets and F-16 modernization kits to Turkey.

An F-16CJ Fighting Falcon “Wild Weasel” aircraft takes off from Yokota Air Base, Japan, July 24, 2015. The aircraft is assigned to the 35th Fighter Squadron from Misawa Air Base, Japan. (U.S. Air Force photo by Osakabe Yasuo/Released)

The Turks targeted Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas and Republican Frank Pallone, who the Turkish newspapers say are both known for their close ties to the Greek lobby, as the main culprits.

The Greek lobby seems to have become a nightmare for Turkey as almost all articles mention how powerful it has become in the US and that it effectively blocks any Turkish move.

The proposed legislation requires that any sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey be approved by the President of the United States on the grounds that it is in the country’s best interest and guarantees that Greek airspace will not be violated by these fighters.

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