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The whole Kyiv region was recaptured by the Ukrainian army


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Ukrainian forces have recaptured the whole Kyiv region from Russian forces, according to a statement from the country’s Deputy Defense Minister.

Last week, the Ukrainian army recaptured Irpin, Bucha, and Gostomel along with the regional airport.

Irpin and Bucha have been destroyed and published videos are showing dozens of corpses abandoned on the streets.

After the recapture of Bucha by Russian forces, Ukrainian troops discovered the bodies of 20 men dressed in civilian clothes abandoned in a single street. Eyewitnesses reported that one of the victims had his hands tied.

According to the city mayor, 280 people were buried in a mass grave in the city and the corpses had covered the streets.

At least 200 people have been killed in Irpin since the start of the Russian invasion, and in Gostomel there has been intense fighting for control of the airport.

Ukraine has said Russia is withdrawing troops from the north of the country and appears to be focusing its attacks on the east and south.

In many parts of the Kyiv region, there are roads full of Russian tanks and other military vehicles destroyed by ambushes and counterattacks by the Ukrainian army.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also said that Chernobyl was now in Ukrainian hands following the withdrawal of Russian forces from the area.

Zelensky also predicted that in the coming days they’re going to be intense fighting in the east of the country and that the cities from which the Russians had retreated would be heavily bombed.

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