TURK AGAINST TURK: Erdogan threatens the pseudostate of Northern Cyprus

Turkish President Erdogan has criticized the pseudo-state of Northern Cyprus for a court ruling that allegedly restricts the teaching of the Quran, threatening the administration of the occupied territory of Cyprus with steps he did not specify if the decision is not overturned.

“The Constitutional Court must first learn secularism. Northern Cyprus is not France,” he said about the decision. “It must apply Turkey’s habits. They will have to correct this mistake quickly, otherwise, our next steps will be different.”

This court a few days ago decided that every school lesson, including the Quran lesson, should be regulated and provided by the ministry of education of the pseudo-state and not by a religious committee. Many have misinterpreted this decision talking about a total ban on the teaching of the Quran.

Erdogan, however, insisted that the decision should be overturned, and instructed Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to convey the message to Turkish Cypriot officials with whom he was to meet.

“We will not allow measures that could disrupt the Quran education of young people”, the Turkish President added.

The “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” is how Turkey calls the territory of Cyprus that occupied in 1974.

Turkey declared these occupied territories a state, with the name: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, in violation of the United Nations Charter in 1983, dividing the Republic of Cyprus.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is recognized only by Turkey, on which it depends politically, militarily, and economically. The United Nations continues to recognize the sovereignty of the legitimate Republic of Cyprus throughout the island and has declared the secession attempt illegal.

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