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Turkey against Greece: “They pursue expansionist policy”


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Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar once again accused Greece of “expansionist policy” in an absurd verbal attack that started from the Aegean and ended up in the “NATO Tiger Meet 2022” exercise that is going to be held in Araxos, Greece.

Specifically, Akar blamed Greece that was provoking Turkey in the Aegean, the Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus saying: “In all our actions, we uphold international law and dialogue. We want to solve all our difficulties calmly. Nevertheless, Greece maintains its expansionist and aggressive policies through provocative actions and aggressive rhetoric“.

Turkey’s MoD also stated that: “For years, the world has ignored a number of disgraces, including the persecution and cruel treatment of innocent people by Greece. However, the latest incident with FRONTEX has made the European Union start seeing things differently. Greece was caught in the act, making agendas to distract attention and obscure the incident with FRONTEX.

Turkey against Greece "They pursue expansionist policy"
DoD photo by U.S. Army Sgt. Amber I. Smith

Greece also uses international exercises for this purpose, such as “Tiger Meet”.

We instructed our Air Force to withdraw from the “Tiger Meet” exercise due to the selfish efforts of Greece to take advantage of specific situations in the FIR, demilitarized islands, and search and rescue areas, as well as to use the exercise against the rights and interests of Turkey.

Our Air Force withdrew from the exercise.

We support peace, decent neighborhood ties, and international law. We believe that all conflicts must be resolved through negotiations. But everyone should know that we will not let anything happen, that we will not violate our rights. We are determined, committed, and capable of defending our rights and the rule of law,” Hulusi Akar said according to TRT.

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