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Ukrainian Su-27s bombed Russian forces on the Snake Island [video]


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According to a video released on Saturday, two Su-27s of the Ukrainian Air Force appear to have bombed the Snake Island which is occupied by the Russians.

The video, which is shot by a Bayraktar TB2 UAV, shows two Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jets passing over the island from the south at a low altitude and hitting Russian forces on the island.

Satellite images from the day of the attack confirmed the hit and the presence of multiple fires in the buildings and infrastructure that have been occupied on Snake Island.

However, it is not only the satellite images that confirm the strike but Russia issued a statement as well mentioning that Russian forces shot down fighter jets over the island.

Ukrainian Su-27s bombed Russian forces on the Snake Island
Photo by KarolH – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Russia admitted that the Ukrainian Air Force still has aircraft in the air, stating that over the Snake Island “a Ukrainian Su-24 bomber, a Su-27, three Mi-8 helicopters, and two Bayraktar-TB2 UAVs were shot down“.

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