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Turkey “discovered” Greek fighter jets over Imbros and Ainos after violating Greek Airspace


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After the violation of the Greek Airspace and the approach of Greek city of Alexandroupolis by Turkish fighter jets, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that this was a response to Greek “aerial” challenges.

Specifically, Tanju Bilgic stated:

“F-16 fighter jets of the Hellenic Air Force violated Turkish airspace west of Imbros on May 16, 2022 and west of Ainos (Turkish: Enez) on May 17, 2022.

The Turkish Air Force responded to these provocative violations on 18 May 2022, on the basis of reciprocity and in accordance with the rules of engagement.

Turkey "discovered" Greek fighter jets over Imbros and Ainos after violating Greek Airspace
Photo by Tanju Bilgic (twitter)

Greece is once again trying to create a misconception against Turkey in the international community, resorting to the tension that began with its own provocative actions.

In this regard, we reject the unfounded allegations and accusations in their entirety against Turkey by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its statement on May 20 and strongly condemn the Greek violations of our airspace.

In order not to repeat such incidents, Greece must end its provocative actions in the Aegean and show a serious approach and commitment to the process of Confidence Building Measures that started both bilaterally and in NATO, in the meetings of which Greece avoided participating” said the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman.

We remind you that Turkey violated Greek Airspace multiple times, risking a new military confrontation in the region by approaching the Greek city of Alexandroupolis with two fighter jets.

According to the Greek Defense Ministry, Greek fighter jets pursued and intercepted the Turkish F-16s.

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