Turkey- Ayşe Acar: “People are hungry but we launch military operations”


Ayşe Acar Başaran, the spokeswoman for the Women’s Council of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), spoke about current political issues during a press conference at HDP headquarters in Ankara revealing shocking news about Turkey.

‘We’re in a 17-day lockdown. A large part of the population is faced with great difficulties as a result, but the lockdown does not affect fascism.

We are going through a time when violent criminals and misogynists can move comfortably and people go hungry.

While the country and its people are running out of air to breathe, the government is continuing its security policy and military operations. Over the past decade, security spending has increased by 86 percent. Taxes are not spent on labor, bread, and vaccine for the population, but flow into the war.

Cross-border military operations are taking place. Because of anti-Kurdish politics, Islamists abroad are financed from the state budget.

Investments are being made in killer drones, while the children of the poor are still excluded from distance learning because they do not have digital devices.

And the government is showing off its armed drones. For the population, this policy means hunger and poverty. In this country, people commit suicide every day because of hunger and poverty. The government is trying to divert attention with its war policy,” Başaran said.

The HDP politician also denounced the increasing violence against women:

“When the first corona cases in the country emerged, we demanded protective measures from the government and declared that women are most affected by wars and crises.

We have indicated that violence against women and unemployment among women will increase during the pandemic because women are always the first to disappear from view in times of crisis.

Unfortunately, everything went as we expected. We have all seen how the pandemic affected women in the form of violence, unemployment, and poverty.”

The HDP will continue to work for all women affected by male and state violence. This also includes the struggle to preserve the Istanbul Convention. “We are at a time when women need to stay together more than ever. Our hard-won performance is at risk,” the HDP Women’s Council spokeswoman said.

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