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Turkish attempt to push immigrants to Greece, blocked by Hellenic Coastguard


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In the morning today, in the sea area northeast of the Greek island of Lesvos, a Turkish coastguard vessel entered Greek territorial waters and harassed a patrol boat of the Greek coastguard, making dangerous maneuvers against it, as shown in the videos of the Hellenic Coastguard as nemesishd.gr posted.

At the same time, in a second incident in the same sea area, in the early morning hours today, a boat full of illegal immigrants tried to enter Greek territorial waters accompanied by a Turkish coastguard ship, which was detected by a Greek offshore patrol vessel.

Repeated attempts were made by the Greek offshore patrol vessel to communicate with the Turkish coastguard, in order to pick up the occupants of the boat, with negative results.

The boat with the immigrants did not enter the Greek territorial waters at all and its passengers were finally collected by another Turkish coastguard, while the former had already left the sea area in question.

Also, in the early morning hours today, in the same sea area and in Turkish territorial waters near the borderline, a Greek offshore patrol vessel, detected a boat with a sufficient number of immigrants.

The above boat was approached by two Turkish coastguards, who tried to push it into Greek territorial waters, unsuccessfully.

Eventually, the passengers of the boat were collected by the Turkish coastguards, following repeated calls by the crew of the Greek ship. It is noted that in this case, too, the boat with the immigrants did not enter Greek territorial waters.

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