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Turkish Defense minister want’s the demilitarisation of 16 Greek islands


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“The Greeks militarized 16 of the 23 islands that should be in demilitarisation despite the conditions in Lausanne and Paris. I asked the German Minister of Defense “who has expansionist aspirations?”.

There is no other country in the world that has 6 miles of territorial waters and 10 miles of airspace. Officials made 78 visits to the islands in front of us, next to us. These are challenges! After you talk about friendship, then demilitarize the islands! ” The Turkish defense minister told the Aksam newspaper.

“Now they are trying to cover up their wrongdoings and explain their problems, which have nothing to do with reality, in Europe. The Greek minister told the German minister that “three times we have reached the brink of war with Turkey”.

Many dreams they have… We have neither such thoughts, nor such plans “stressed the Turkish minister and expressed his satisfaction that Germany did not fulfill the request of the Greek Defense minister for not delivering parts for submarines to Turkey.

In addition, in an interview with Hurriyet he spoke about the Turkish S-400. “We are open to negotiations on a model similar to that of the S-300s on the island of Crete in Greece,” Akar said, adding that Turkey does not need to constantly use Russian anti-aircraft missiles.

“These systems are used according to the threat. “We will decide on that,” he said.

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