UAV Patroller to boost Greek Armed Forces with Enhanced RECON Capabilities

The UAV Patroller possesses impressive technical characteristics that position it as one of the top unmanned systems in its field. Recently, Greece made the decision to acquire this advanced drone, with official statements from both NSPA and SAFRAN confirming the procurement.


Boasting an autonomy of over 15 hours, the UAV Patroller can operate in the air for extended periods, enabling continuous surveillance and even strike capabilities.

One of the key characteristics of the UAV Patroller lies in its payload capacity, which allows for the integration of various specialized sensors and weapons. This feature enhances the drone’s flexibility and effectiveness, enabling it to meet diverse operational requirements. Operating at altitudes surpassing 16,000 feet, the Patroller gains a significant advantage in reconnaissance and targeting, enabling it to gather vital intelligence.

Additionally, its automatic takeoff and landing capabilities minimize the need for human intervention, making it a reliable and effective system even in high-intensity military conditions.

SAR/GMTI and EW/COMINT capabilities

The technical characteristics of the UAV Patroller contribute to its tactical superiority and intelligence-gathering capabilities. Equipped with sensors and special pods, including SAR (radar)/GMTI and EW/COMINT capabilities, the drone acquires wide-ranging intelligence gathering capabilities. It can detect and analyze various signals and activities on land, sea, and air, making it a versatile asset in theater operations.

UAV PATROLLER: Enhancing Greece's Recon Capabilities
PHOTO By Cyril Abad / CAPA Pictures / Safran | NEMESIS HD

The inclusion of the EuroflirTM 410 pod multispectral sensor enables long-range observation and reconnaissance, enhancing situational awareness and target identification capabilities.

To extend its flight duration, the UAV Patroller can carry external fuel tanks on its hardpoints, significantly increasing its autonomy beyond the base 15-hour mark. Its low radar cross-section (RCS) ensures that it can detect potential threats without being easily detected itself, maintaining a covert presence in the operational area. Furthermore, the drone’s advanced systems enable accurate targeting and include a laser targeting capability, enhancing the precision of its weapons and increasing effectiveness during strikes.

Apart from its offensive capabilities, the UAV Patroller primarily supports ground forces by fully integrating into C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence) networks and adhering to NATO standards for interoperability. The Remote Video Terminal (RVT) allows real-time video relaying, facilitating rapid decision-making and coordination with other forces. The drone’s casualty assessment capabilities assist in evaluating the outcomes of engagements and adjusting tactics accordingly.

In summary, the UAV Patroller combines endurance, payload capacity, high operational altitude, automatic takeoff and landing, tactical superiority, and intelligence-gathering capabilities to provide a comprehensive solution for modern military operations.

Regarding the supply of Patroller UAVs, SAFRAN provided clarifications stating that the new drones will be added to the existing SPERWER force of the Greek Army rather than replacing them.

UAV PATROLLER: Enhancing Greece's Recon Capabilities

SAFRAN’s press release confirms that the Greek Army has chosen Safran Electronics & Defense to upgrade its drone fleet with four new Patroller tactical drones. The Patroller leverages Safran’s extensive expertise in tactical drone systems, encompassing navigation, electronics, and optics.

Equipped with multiple sensors for intelligence gathering, the Patroller benefits from Safran’s experience in the Sperwer tactical drone system and incorporates improvements based on nine years of deployment in Afghanistan. The drone has also obtained official certification to the NATO STANAG 4671 airworthiness standard, making it suitable for security missions.

This latest selection further establishes Safran Electronics & Defense’s dominance in tactical drones, with the Patroller offering versatility for a wide range of surveillance missions, including support for ground forces and monitoring maritime threats and borders according to the official SAFRAN presskit.

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