Turkish Foreign Minister stated that US support Greece & Cyprus


Following his initial remarks at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, during which he spoke about the future of the Atlantic Alliance and Afghanistan, the Turkish Foreign Minister, apparently annoyed by the previous US Secretary of State’s stance, spoke out against the US and France.

In particular, Turkish FM Mevlüt Cavusoglu reportedly reiterated allegations against the European operation “IRINI”, saying that the recent incident did not happen by chance shortly before the European Council.

He then spoke out against the US, expressing his “regret” that the US was “against Turkey”, supporting the “maximalist positions of Greece and Cyprus” and supporting “terrorist organizations” while saying that Germany was the only one. honest ombudsman.

Speaking about France, Tsavousoglu said that “the French position in Libya is the biggest threat to the Alliance’s cohesion”.

He concluded his speech, according to the same information, saying with clear irritation that the Minsk Group within the OSCE is biased in favor of Armenia.

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