Turkish Politician wants to reclaim Jerusalem from Israel

Turkish Party MHP President Devlet Bahçeli, who is the leader of the Turkish organization “Grey Wolves” reacted to Israel’s attacks on the Masjid al-Aqsa in his Twitter account & laid claims to Jerusalem.

Devlet Bahçeli gave the following words in his post:

Turkish Politician wants to reclaim Jerusalem from Israel
Turkish Politician want’s to reclaim Jerusalem from Israel – GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Israel is a terror state, it uses violence as a political instrument. On the other hand, the Jewish settler terror, which is constantly whipped in the West Bank, takes the oppressed from their homes. Jerusalem is mourned, Gaza is sad, the West Bank is strange, Palestine is between two fires.

I condemn the Israeli government, which haunts the freedom of belief and worship of our Palestinian brothers during the month of Ramadan and targets the status of the Harem-i Sharif. I wish the Palestinians injured in the attacks get well soon. Jerusalem is our first qibla ( Islamic direction) and will not be given to Zionists.

Jerusalem is our first eye pain, our first love, our first direction, the eternal trust of our Ascension, the eternal honor of our faith. Just as we do not make concessions from Kashgar, we do not give up on Kirkuk, we do not give up Jerusalem in the same way, we do not leave Zionist conspiracies in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem-Kashgar-Kirkuk-Istanbul are closely connected with each other through history, culture, and belief ties. Without one, the other is either incomplete or spiritually crushed. We are aware of our fate, our nation, our fate, our fight, and we also know the devil’s detachments. And we are waiting for the accounting day “

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