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Ukraine to take part in Turkish Naval Exercise in Eastern Mediterranean


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Ukraine will take part in a Turkish Navy exercise scheduled to take place in the Eastern Mediterranean at the end of 2021.

The Naval Forces Command of Ukraine took part in the opening conference of the Turkish Navy exercise “Eastern Mediterranean 2021” (Dogu Akdeniz 2021).

Ukrainian units will participate in this exercise, the country’s defense ministry said.

The conference discussed issues defining the general scenario of the exercise and the training process and agreed on the configuration of the forces planned to participate.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Navy discussed the provision of Ukrainian participation, in particular, the participation of Navy officials in the headquarters of the multinational exercise, as well as their training in the Turkish Navy’s ADA (MILGEM) corvettes.

Cooperation between Turkey and Ukraine is not restricted to the purchase of the Turkish UAVs Bayraktar TB2. Ukraine has also declared its interest in buying Turkish ADA-class corvettes.

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