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Undersecretary of State (US) for Turkey: “Violations of the Greek airspace are provocative”


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Speaking to the correspondent of Greek state media ERT NEWS in Washington, Lena Argyri, the Undersecretary of State USA, Victoria Nuland characterized the Turkish violations of the Greek airspace as provocative.

Nuland announced also US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s participation in the tripartite cooperation of Greece, Cyprus, and Israel which the United States strongly supports.

Undersecretary of State (US) for Turkey: "Violations of the Greek airspace are provocative"

Asked about the US insistence on the unsustainability of the EastMed gas pipeline, the Undersecretary clarified that the US is simply expressing its concern because of Europe’s immediate energy needs, they do not insist on anything and the final decision is up to the countries in the region.

In addition, Ms. Nuland noted that the United States is trying to encourage negotiations for a bi-zonal bi-communal federation and made it clear to Ersin Tatar that they do not support a two-state solution for Cyprus.

As for the F-16s requested by Turkey commented that talks on a possible sale have not been completed.

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