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Russia’s nuclear threat to the Baltic states


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The Kremlin has warned NATO that if Sweden and Finland join the alliance, Russia will have to strengthen its defenses and there will be no future commitment to a “nuclear-free” Baltic.

“There can be no more talk of a Baltic without nuclear weapons; the balance must be restored,” said Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s vice president of the Security Council.

Russia's nuclear threat to the Baltic states
Photo by Government.ru, CC BY 4.0

“To date, Russia has not taken and will not take such measures,” Medvedev said. Finland said on Wednesday it would decide whether to seek membership in the alliance in the coming weeks, while Sweden is also considering joining.

The Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, said that Finland should be prepared for any action by Russia and that NATO Article 5 is the only way for the country to have a guarantee of its security.

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