Us Destroyer Entered “Chinese Waters” With No Permission


Despite the criticism leveled by the United States, Beijing has attributed the militarization of the South China Sea on that country.

Military exercises by the United States in the region, according to Chinese experts, are sabotaging efforts by local governments to address regional issues.

According to the Chinese Defense Ministry, the US destroyer USS John S. McCain has entered waters in the South China Sea that are under Chinese maritime jurisdiction.

According to the service, the Chinese government had no say in the situation. As a representative of the service company put it, Beijing has requested that the boat depart Chinese territorial waters.

If that request is refused by the vessel, China will unwaveringly find a way to preserve its public authority and retain strength in the region.

“We request that the United States immediately cease such provocative activities, [and] strictly control and contain military tasks in the water and the sky,” said a Defense Ministry representative.

Since China’s “provocative conduct” has gone unnoticed, Chinese experts have frequently urged the United States to “put an end to its provocative behavior.”

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