Beijing blamed the US for being the primary factor prompting the militarisation of the South China Sea – something that has likewise been censured by Washington. Chinese specialists have contended that the US military’s exercises in the region sabotage provincial endeavors to determine regional questions.

The Chinese Defense Ministry has expressed that US destroyer the USS John S. McCain has wandered into waters close to the China-controlled Parcel Islands in the contested South China Sea. As per the service, it did as such without getting authorization from Beijing.

The representative for the service said Beijing requests that the boat depart Chinese waters, including that should the vessel not agree, China would steadfastly find a way to safeguard its public power and keep up strength in the locale.

“We request the US quickly stop such provocative activities, [and] carefully control and confine military tasks in the ocean and air”, the Defense Ministry’s representative said.

Chinese specialists have consistently requested that the US “stop its provocative conduct”, yet these solicitations have failed to attract anyone’s attention.