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Indian Air Force seeks to buy more Rafales from France

The first bunch of Rafale planes was sent in the vital Ladakh district by the Indian Air Force a month ago.  India want to buy 36 more Rafale planes.

Senior Indian Air Force authorities have arrived at France to audit the advancement in the Rafale planes undertaking as the nation is inclining up its military ability to handle the projection of any likely clash with China in the forthcoming winter season.

Officials in New Delhi have affirmed that the date for the delivery of the second bunch of Rafale planes will before long be concluded.

Prior this month, Indian Air Force Chief RKS Bhaduria said that an extra 3-4 planes will come  by the end of this current month or early November.

“This will continue happening each 3-4 months”, he stated, while demonstrating that the chance of purchasing more Rafale planes soon is likewise getting looked at.


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