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US trying to stop new Turkish attack against Syria

US trying to stop new Turkish attack against Syria - GEOPOLITIKI

The US is making efforts to prevent Turkey from launching new military operations against Kurds in northern Syria.

“We are making relentless efforts with the Turkish government to get them to back down from this reckless action. I can not assure you that it will happen,” State Department official Barbara Leaf told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a hearing on Wednesday.

But despite American concerns, the Turkish President Erdogan looks untrustworthy.

In fact, during a press conference, Erdogan spoke again against NATO, stating once again that he would not accept NATO bids of Sweden and Finland as he claims that they support the Kurds.

“What we experienced with Greece and France, we do not want to experience the same with them,” Erdogan said.

Still, he hinted in his statements that the US bases in Greece are intended to target Turkey.

“Nine American bases – where are these bases located? In Greece. And against whom? They answer against Russia, but this does not convince us. Sorry but no,” the Turkish president stated.

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