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Phoenix: Tatra’s military truck at DEFEA 2023


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One of the “strongest” presences at this year’s DEFEA defense exhibition was undoubtedly that of TATRA Trucks, which participated together with other Czech and Slovak companies of the Czechoslovak Group.

Tatra’s Phoenix army supply truck

During the exhibition, according to a press release from the Czechoslovak Group, TATRA presented a new version of the Phoenix heavy-duty supply truck on an 8×8 chassis, incorporating a special hook for loading and unloading containers and an armored cabin.

Phoenix: Tatra's military truck at DEFEA 2023
PHOTO: TATRA / Czechoslovak Group

This cabin was developed by TATRA Defense Vehicle to provide high protection to the truck crew, as it offers level 3 ballistic protection and special armor that withstands mine explosions.

In addition to that, there are other versions in configurations varying from 4×4 to 10×10, some of which have already been acquired by armies accross Europe such as Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

You can read more about TATRA’s defense realted products here.

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