USAF intensifies its airstrikes against the terrorist Al-Shabab in Somalia


The United States Air Force has intensified its airstrikes against the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab terrorist group, which has stepped up its attacks in Somalia.

Terrorist attacks have escalated in Somalia since the withdrawal of hundreds of US troops earlier this year.

The Bloomberg News Agency quoted the Somali Ministry of Information as saying that the latest US airstrikes took place near the central towns of Bakadoin and Gidali on Sunday, targeting a site for al-Shabab militants who were clashing with elements of the “Denab” movement.

The attack was the third in less than two weeks and marked an intensification of counter-terrorism operations in Somalia since US President Joe Biden took office.

The Somali Ministry of Information said in a statement that “the airstrikes destroyed a large firing position belonging to Al-Shabaab, which was clashing with DNB forces and the Somali National Army.” The statement added that an increasing number of Al-Shabaab fighters defected and joined the Somali security forces as a result of the recent counter-terrorism measures.

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