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USAFE F-15 arrive in Greece for exercises

PHOTO By Hellenic National Defence General Staff

According to an announcement by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff in the framework of military cooperation between Greece & the United States, on Wednesday, October 7, 2021, the relocation of F-15s of USAFE and their support personnel to the 110th Combat Wing in Larissa was completed.

The USAFE F-15s did not only come for a visit but will be getting involved in exercises with all three corps of the Greek Armed Forces but also with the Special Warfare Command of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff

The announcement of the Greek armed forces gives us several details about the exercises in which the American F-15 will participate:

More Specifically, they will exercise complex Defense and offensive air tactics, in an air battle with Greek fighter jets, attacking targets on land and sea but also in attacking & protecting naval forces. The Greek Special Forces will take part during a joint air support exercise with terminal fire guidance or otherwise (JTAC).



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