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Incredible video with Ukrainian tractor dragging TOS-1 Buratino


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Fighting continues in Ukraine, with the Russian army continuing to focus on the southeast and the Ukrainians counterattacking.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukrainian forces have seized much of the Russian military equipment, including tanks and other armor, which they usually drag behind Ukrainian tractors.

The Video published by the Ukrainian armed forces in the Telegram, show Ukrainian tractor dragging a TOS-1 Buratino.

Incredible video with Ukrainian tractor dragging TOS-1 Buratino
Photo by Vitaliy Ragulin – Repetition parade., CC BY-SA 3.0

The caption of the publication reads “no one and nothing can resist the Ukrainian tractors”.

The TOS-1 Buratino is a Russian self-propelled MLRS system that specializes in eliminating heavily fortified positions.

The system has a reputation for being especially scary because of the damage it does to any enemy force that comes up against it. This is because it uses incendiary ammunition just like a modern “Greek Fire”.

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