“WE ARE NOT BRIDE & GROOM”: Putin about Biden’s aggressiveness


The president of Russia Vladimir Putin talking about his relationship with his American counterpart and their impending meeting in Geneva said that politicians in the international arena are “not bride and groom” but partners and rivals, meaning that being attacked is not extraordinary to him.

“We and the people with whom we work, argue in the international arena, we are not bride and groom, we do not swear to each other eternal love and friendship. We are partners and we are competing with each other in some way,” Putin noted in an interview with NBC.

Commenting on previous statements of the American president Joe Biden in his address, Putin stated that “dozens of such accusations have been heard. I am used to attacks from different sides, for so many reasons, of different quality and sharpness. It doesn’t surprise me”.

Joe Biden in March in an interview with ABC, in particular, said that the Russian leadership will have to “pay a price” regarding Moscow’s alleged attempts to interfere in the American election. In addition, the U.S. president answered affirmatively when asked whether he considered Putin a “killer”.

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