“We will not deploy weapons in space” Russia-Syria agreement


The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday that Russia and Syria agreed not to deploy weapons to space.

“On December 17, the Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic, Sergey Lavrov and Faisal Mikdad, signed a joint statement on the non-deployment of the first weapons in space” the statement reported.

“In a joint statement, the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic stressed the need to conclude an international treaty banning the deployment and use of weapons in space, and called on countries not participating in the NPOK to consider the possibility of full accession to it.” the ministry added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that this initiative is an important political factor that contributes to guarantee equal and indivisible security for all and increasing predictability and sustainability of countries’ activities in exploring and using outer space for peaceful purposes.

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