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China outraged – American warship passed through the Taiwan strait


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The Chinese Army reported on Saturday that spotted and tracked a US warship as it was passing through the Taiwan Strait.

In a statement issued by the Eastern Region Command, the Chinese military reported that “its air and naval forces tracked and monitored the ship while it was sailing.”

For its part, the US Navy pointed out that the USS Mustin, armed with guided missiles, “routinely crossed the Taiwan Strait on December 19, in accordance with international law.”

“The ship’s passage in the Taiwan Strait indicates the American commitment to a free and open passage in the region,” they said.

It is worth noting that this is the twelfth time this year that the US Navy has crossed the Taiwan Strait, a move that has sparked condemnation from the Chinese authorities.

The US and China have been arguing over a number of issues over the last few decades, including America’s recognition of Taiwanese independence. Moreover, since Donald Trump’s tenure began, he has shifted blame to China for much of the US’ economic problems.

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