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A “war for bananas” erupted in Turkey

A “war for bananas” erupted in Turkey

Turkey has deported at least seven Syrian refugees for posting bananas on social media. The reason for the deportation of the Syrian refugees was that Turkish citizens protested that the refugees can buy bananas while they themselves do not have the financial means.

Specifically, a video circulating in the Turkish media since mid-October shows a Turk arguing with a woman from Syria, telling her “You live more comfortably. I can not eat a banana and you buy as many bananas as you want.”

The video then shows another woman getting into an argument and accusing the girl that Syrians live in luxury in Turkey instead of going home and fighting for their country, ignoring the Syrian girl’s answer that she has no home to return to in Syria.

Since then, Syrian refugees have been posting on social media where they “proudly” eat bananas in response to the incident. But the Turkish government, instead of dealing with the unnecessary reprimand that the young Syrian received or the misery faced by the Turkish citizens, chose to expel those who uploaded such videos.

“Seven foreign nationals have been arrested as part of an investigation into provocative social media posts and will be deported,” the Turkish Immigration Authority said in a statement on Wednesday.

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