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China is developing a hypersonic missile that can hit any place on Earth


On October 27, the US military officially confirmed that China tested its hypersonic weapon that is capable of striking anywhere in the globe two months ago as we had also reported on

Vasily Kashin, a Russian political scientist, stated according to Russian sources:

“We are talking about a prototype of a global weapon that China has been working on for a long time,” he said. The project is based on a small, unmanned shuttle called Shenlong (Dragon Space Plane, Project 921-3). This is a miniature Chinese analogue of the American unmanned spacecraft Boeing X-37, which is reusable.

He added that the Chinese have already worked on developing technologies, including de-orbiting. The Chinese launch the space plane into orbit using the Changzheng-2F launch vehicle.

Kashin also noted one of the main differences between China’s “hypersonic” system and Russia’s Avangard strategic missile system. The Avangard loops most of the trajectory in the atmosphere, making it less vulnerable to missile defence.

The expert stressed that the new Chinese weapon can be compared with the Soviet strategic missile R-36orb as it launched its warhead into orbit, moved there without limitation in range, then left orbit and hit the desired target” the expert concludes.

The Chinese missile program was not a secret for US and Russia and are also preparing their arsenal to counter such developments.


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