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Antonov 12: The latest information about dangerous substances

Antonov 12: The latest information about dangerous substances

New information has become public about the Antonov 12 aircraft that crashed outside of Kavala, Greece. According to the new information from the Greek ERT, the eight bodies of the dead Ukrainian crew were found and the dangerousness of the substances in the cargo was clarified.

A special team from the Hellenic Armed Forces was at the scene and after an investigation it was found that there is no problem with dangerous or toxic substances in the area where the aircraft crashed.

Antonov 12: The latest information about dangerous substances
PHOTO By Jwh at Wikipedia Luxembourg, CC BY-SA 3.0 lu,

The problem is that dozens of mortar shells are scattered in the area where it fell, and the EOD specialists of the Hellenic Army will have to neutralize or remove them, a process that is highly risky.

The cargo carried by the Antonov consisted of training mortar shells and flares that Bangladesh has ordered from Serbia.

According to multiple but currently unconfirmed sources, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expected to proceed with an investigation as it appears to have been a concealment of information regarding the ammunition it was transporting.

Still, according to information from ERT, for the better or for the worse, although no dangerous substances have been detected in the area where the An-12BK fell, samples of the soil, flora and irrigation water have been sent to the Greek State General Laboratory.

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