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Ben Wallace: The United Kingdom arms Ukraine with anti-tank weapons


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Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary of the United Kingdom, stated in the British parliament on Monday that the country has “made the decision to provide Ukraine with light anti-tank weapons.”

“We have taken the decision to supply Ukraine with light, anti-armour, defensive weapon systems. A small number of UK personnel will also provide early-stage training for a short period of time, within the framework of Operation ORBITAL, before then returning to the United Kingdom.

This security assistance package complements the training and capabilities that Ukraine already has, and those that are also being provided by the UK and other Allies in Europe and the United States. Ukraine has every right to defend its borders, and this new package of aid further enhances its ability to do so” the UK politician stated.

Ben Wallace: The United Kingdom arms Ukraine with anti-tank weapons
Photographer: SAC Lee Goddard Image 45153855.jpg from www.defenceimages.mod.uk

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace did not disclose the number or type of anti-tank weapons that were being provided to Ukraine.

“However, these are not strategic weapons and do not constitute a threat to Russia,” he continued. They are to be used in self-defense situations. “

“These are short-range… but they would cause people to pause and consider what they were doing, and if tanks were to roll into Ukraine and invade it, they would be a part of the defense mechanism,” states the UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace.

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