Russia announced a new military exercise with Tajikistan involving 1,000 troops


Russia announced the beginning of a military exercise with Tajikistan aimed at simulating real combat experience.

The tactical drills of motorized rifle units from the Russian 201st Military Base in Tajikistan began in the Lyaur and Sambuli mountain ranges, which are located between the two countries borders. A total of approximately 1,000 servicemen are involved in combat training operations.

Photo from a previous Russian military exercise with Tajikistan | MIL.RU 201st Military base
Photo from a previous Russian military exercise with Tajikistan | MIL.RU

“With the assistance of artillery and army aviation, they will be tasked with determining the best way to utilize reconnaissance, strike, and fire complexes in both defensive and offensive operations.

Throughout the exercise, military personnel will engage in live fire from a variety of small guns and grenade launchers, as well as from the guns of the combat vehicles. At the ranges, both static and dynamic targets of various types will be used in order to create an environment as close as possible to that of a combat situation.

The Troop tactical exercises are conducted primarily to evaluate the combat readiness of motorized rifle units as well as their performance on training and combat objectives, “concludes the announcement from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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