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Benny Gantz: “If a regional war breaks out we will fight like never before!”


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When Israel starts to plan military operations, everyone knows that they are dead serious, knowing this the Israeli defence minister gave a clear warning to Israel’s adversaries.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Israel would carry out operations that “have not been seen in the past if a regional war breaks out.”

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi told the Knesset Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense that the Israeli army was “accelerating its operational planning and preparedness to respond to Iran’s military nuclear threat.” “Fortunately, the budget approved last week makes it possible to deal with various threats,” said the chief of staff of the Israeli army.

The IDF Chief of Staff announced in early 2021 that he had instructed the Israeli army to begin drawing up new attack plans for an overwhelming attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

These plans are not just on paper as the Israeli government a month ago allocated large sums of money so that the plans of the Israeli army are ready to start at any time.

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