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The Chinese navy conducted a parade near the Taiwan Strait


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The PLA has conducted a large military parade near the Taiwan Strait, as reported by the Chinese “People” newspaper, noting that the eastern region command of the army conducted a naval patrol near the Taiwan Strait.

“The People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command conducted patrol near Taiwan Straits on Tuesday in response to secessionist activities”, the colonel and spokesperson for the Chinese military’s Eastern Theater Command said as it reported in People’s Daily Chinese newspaper.

China considers Taiwan as a part of Chinese territory and multiple times has considered or threatened to use force in order to occupy the island which is a US Allie.

This alliance between Taiwan & US made China even warn the United States to take what China describes as “dangerous policies” seriously.

Taiwan is a small nation in terms of the military against China, but its organization of forces can deal heavy damage to this Asian giant which is something that China knows very well and till now hasn’t tried to use force against Taiwan.


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