Borrell’s plan for fighter jets from EU countries in Ukraine isn’t going to plan

EU High Representative Josep Borrell announced on Sunday that union countries would provide Ukraine with fighter jets to help defend against the Russian attack.

On Monday, however, Borrell himself began to rephrase his statement that this had already been agreed, saying that EU countries would agree on it bilaterally with Ukraine, as one by one the member states had begun to deny it.

Borrell's plan for fighter jets from EU countries in Ukraine isn't going to plan
Photo by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

Following Borrell’s remarks, a Ukrainian official said in an interview that Ukraine would soon receive fighter jets from Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria. However, by Tuesday all three countries had made it clear that no such agreement had been reached.

“We support the Ukrainians with humanitarian aid. “However, we are not going to send fighter jets into Ukrainian airspace,” said the Polish president.

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