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BrahMos: Successful shot at 290 km


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BrahMos: Successful shot at 290 km
India Brahmos

India fired a successful shot of the BrahMos anti-ship missile as it struck its target at 290 km.

India and Russia are seeking to further extend the missile’s range and to test its ability to hit the target at a distance of about 500 km. The increase in missile range was made possible after India’s introduction of the missile control regime (MTCR) in 2016. 

The BrahMos anti-ship missile hit its target at a distance of 290 kilometres. India and Russia are attempting to extend the missile’s range even further and to demonstrate its potential to attack a target at a distance of approximately 500 kilometres. The advent of India’s missile control regime (MTCR) in 2016 made it possible to extend the range of the country’s nuclear weapons.
According to the DRDO, work on a new version of the missile with a range of up to 800 kilometres is now underway.

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