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BREAKING: New fierce clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan

BREAKING: New fierce clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan does not seem to seize as the Azeris, after the victory in the recent war, appear to have appetites for more territories despite the truce reached with the mediation of Russia.

Russia, which is supposed to protect the Armenian population of Artsakh and is committed to doing so through the ceasefire and the troops it has deployed in the region, appears to do nothing more but to condemn Azerbaijan’s increasingly aggressive actions.

In the area of ​​Lachin (Berzor), which is located in Artsakh and very close to the Armenian border with Azerbaijan, fierce battles and heavy exchanges of fire have been taking place since the morning, which have stopped from time to time.

The result of the fighting according to local information is three dead including two Armenian soldiers and an Azeri for now, the Armenian side also reports that there are about 10 wounded (other information say 14).

Azeri forces reportedly also used UAVs today which according to sources also killed one Armenian soldier today. Russian peacekeepers say they are monitoring the situation and mediating to end hostilities.

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