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Breaking News: Spanish Foreign Minister to immediately visit Greece over the possible military agreement with Turkey


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In a sudden phone call between with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares rush to visit Athens to explain why his country wants to sign a military agreement with Turkey and find solutions before Greece turn possibly against Spain over this action.

Nikos Dendias, the Greek Foreign Minister announced on Twitter:

“Following the visit of the Spanish PM to Ankara & the succeeding announcements, I spoke by phone with Spanish counterpart José Manuel Albares. During our conversation, I referred to the arising issues of Greek interest. Foreign Minister Albares gave clarifications and suggested his immediate visit to Athens, for full clarification of the relevant issues. His suggestion was accepted.” said Nikos Dendias.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the meeting with the Spanish prime minister said that Turkey wants to increase defense cooperation with Spain, through the purchase of a second aircraft carrier and possibly submarines.

This announcement sparked the outrage of Greece, with the Greek Foreign Minister saying today, during his meeting with his French counterpart that:

“Greece, of course, procures defense equipment from France. And France supplies Greece because Greece is a country that promotes regional stability. Allow me to say very clearly that we would have wished that the other Member States of the European Union would follow France’s example.

And not to arm countries that threaten with war with other countries, especially the countries of the European Union. And that destabilizes with their behavior and their practices the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean. And, of course, countries that do not accept the UNCLOS and the International Law of the Sea, even though they are candidates to join our common European home, the European Union.” added Nikos Dendias speaking about the agreement that Spain wants to sign with Turkey


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