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BRINC Drones at the Hellenic Army General Staff: Possible presentation of the LEMUR


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The growing interest of the Hellenic Army General Staff in UAVs and DRONES is well-known, and this can be seen from the successive meetings held on the subject.

According to a statement from the Greek Ministry of National Defense:

“On Thursday, April 14, 2022, a video conference presentation was held for the staff of the National Defence General Staff and the Hellenic Army General Staff by representatives of the AIRVID company, regarding UAV products of the BRINC DRONES company which it represents in Greece,” the announcement states.

The American company BRINC DRONES has presented its drone, the LEMUR (Lemur S) which we suspect was also presented at the Hellenic Army.

The LEMUR S is a drone that is designed for a flight duration of about 30 minutes and it can withstand falls through the “turtle” method as the company calls it, where the drone can even in the event of a fall, turn over in the right direction and rise again.

It has LIDAR capabilities, it can also break windows and open doors to enter a building.

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