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Kilicdaroglu’s admission: “From the F-35s, we now beg for the F-16s”


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The head of the Turkish opposition CHP party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, while blaming Turkish President Erdogan, essentially admitted that Turkey has been left unarmed.

Kilicdaroglu even mentioned in his statements that since Turkey was ready to receive the already paid F-35s that it had agreed with the US, it is now asking for F-16s and those under conditions.

“The scandalous statements from Finland and Sweden even before the ink was dry on the NATO signature showed that Erdogan signed up again without getting anything. Now we see that the scandal continues in the matter of F-16.

Kilicdaroglu's admission: "From the F-35s, we now beg for the F-16s"
Photo by Mark Lowen, CC BY-SA 4.0

As if it were not enough for us to be excluded from the F-35 fighter jet project, of which we are one of the investors, and not get our money back, we see that they are trying to set conditions for where we can and can’t use the F-16 aircraft that we have been reduced to begging.

Erdogan is not able to bring anything tangible to this country except cheap propaganda.

[…]Now Erdogan, let me tell you what to do. Come out and say “I signed it, but the opposition will prevent it from being passed in parliament, I don’t have full control of this matter even in my own group”.

From the moment Turkey comes back to the table, we have only one condition. This time, don’t try to do business just by taking the translator with you, let the proper diplomats do their job. No one should leave the table without an agreement on the F-35 and S-400 issues.

This is where I call the US. If you’re going to look for a culprit in this matter, it’s our fault. If you have a problem, deal with us” says Kemal Kilicdaroglu in parts of his statements.

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